We offer research services within:

Pipetting of blood into glass fiber plate manufactured by RefLab

  • Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU)
  • Food allergy, e.g. identification of allergens in genetically modified food items
  • Recombinant allergens
  • Drug allergy, e.g. monitoring effect of immunotherapy
  • Signal transduction in basophils
  • Basophil chemotaxis
  • Chemokine receptors on basophils
  • Autoantibodies for IgE and its receptor

With our unique ex vivo human skin microdialysis model, we can investigate:

Skin microdialysis setup

  • Allergic or allergy like adverse effects of drugs (observed or potential)
  • Anti-allergic effects of drug candidates
  • Drug-induced mast cell and basophil activation
  • Pharmacokinetics and drug uptake
  • Pharmacodynamics of mast cell stabilizing/anti-allergic drugs
  • Administration routes: intradermal injection, intra probe drug delivery or topical
  • Mechanisms in allergic-inflammatory reactions (Type I allergy, CSU & autoimmune reactions)
  • Biological activity of allergens

Read more about our expertise in the ex vivo skin model here

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