Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

It is essential for RefLab to act according to the highest ethical standards and operate in a socially responsible manner. This is reflected in how we interact with our employees, stakeholders and business partners and how we are considerate towards the environment.

At RefLab, we:

  • Always comply with current juridical legislation applicable for RefLab Aps
  • Do not accept corruption and bribery, including the non-acceptance of gifts or actions which can affect RefLab’s decision making
  • Do not accept child labour or any type of modern slavery and we only work with suppliers who do not accept child labour and modern slavery
  • Embrace and respect cultural, racial, national, social, political, religious, age-related, gender-related and sexual diversity and we do not accept discrimination against any employee
  • Respect the privacy and human rights of employees and our business partners
  • Do no accept offensive behavior among employees or between different hierarchical levels of the organization
  • Have a whistleblower arrangement, which enables employees to anonymously to report any concerns to the management
  • Promote the well-being of our employees through health insurance benefits, weekly fruit deliveries and workplace safety programs
  • Promote a safe physical and psychological working environment through biannual questionnaires and an Environmental, Health and Safety organization
  • Compensate our employees minimum according to the national requirements for salaries
  • Are aware of our environmental footprint and are actively working on reducing it through sorting of waste, conscious purchasing and social initiatives such as biking to work
  • Make annual donations to charity causes within human health
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