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We are a dedicated team of experienced scientists and laboratory technicians. We put an honor in providing services of the hightest quality standards based on state-of-the-art scientific methods.

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  • Henrik Christensen
    Henrik Christensen Chief Executive Officer
  • Randi Lundberg
    Randi Lundberg Chief Operating Officer

  • Lise Bo
    Lise Bo Production and Diagnostic Services Manager

  • Per Stahl Skov
    Per Stahl Skov Professor, DMSc


  • Sheida Esmail-Tehrani
    Sheida Esmail-Tehrani Scientist

  • Katrine Baumann
    Katrine Baumann Senior Scientist, Postdoc

  • Noor Irmam
    Noor Irmam Bioanalytical Team Coordinator


  • Ida E. G. Petersen
    Ida E. G. Petersen Senior Lab. Technician

  • Aleksander Scharff
    Aleksander Scharff Digital Development Specialist & Lab. Technician

  • Fie Kølander
    Fie Kølander Laboratory Technician


  • Maja H. Leth-Pedersen
    Maja H. Leth-Pedersen Administrative Assistant


  • Kiran Mazar
    Kiran Mazar Student Assistant

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