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Having contracted with RefLab, you will communicate directly with our research team and thereby directly oversee the progress of the project. Our people are experienced scientists highly dedicated to their scientific methods. On account of their deep understanding of the study methods, RefLab staffs will assist you in defining the objective of the study and securing adherence to the highest scientific standards.

  • Erik Dahl Jensen
    Erik Dahl Jensen Managing Director
    +45 23811667

  • Lise Bo
    Lise Bo Quality Manager
    +45 39178265

  • Per Stahl Skov
    Per Stahl Skov Professor, DMSc
    +45 20893734

    More Professor at University of Southern Denmark, Visiting Professor at Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Ida E. G. Petersen
    Ida E. G. Petersen Lab. Technician
    + 45 39178264

  • Julie Gatzwiller
    Julie Gatzwiller Lab. Technician
    + 45 39178264

  • Hanna S. Clementsen
    Hanna S. Clementsen Lab. Technician
    +45 39178264

  • Niels Peter Hell Knudsen
    Niels Peter Hell Knudsen Scientist, Ph.D.
    +45 39178263

  • Katrine Y. Baumann
    Katrine Y. Baumann Industrial Ph.D. student, M.Sc.
    +45 39178263

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