RefLab produces and distributes HR-Test kits internationally.
Determination of histamine by means of the HR-Test makes use of an advanced fluorometer (HISTAREADER™ 501) currently only located very few places in the world. The possibility of applying the HR-Test exists, however, by using our semiautomatic method, where the foreign laboratory makes the first part of the analysis and subsequently mails the plates to RefLab for further histamine determinations. Having received the plates the RefLab makes its analyses and returns the results the same day. For the foreign laboratory this implies:

  • No equipment costs.
  • The customer is covered by our QC programme
  • RefLab covers all expenses for histamine determinations made on HR-Test plates received by us.
  • Our service includes data transmission to the customer.

Several types of plates are marketed and designed for different purposes and demands from the customers. Please contact RefLab for description of theese methods.

However, it is also possible using HR-Test by either the direct or passive sensitization method.

Requisition of HR-Test (passive sensitization)

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