Contract Research Organization

RefLab provides reliable preclinical contract research services to companies and academic institutions.

The service covers in vitro and ex vivo studies with emphasis on inflammation, allergy and autoimmune disorders. Thanks to our extensive academic network and research facilities, we have the capacity to develop a wide range of customer-tailored research models.

Contract Research Expertise

RefLab contract research covers biological standardization of allergens, animal and human models to study possible allergic side effects of newly developed drugs as well as the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic profile of new anti-allergic drugs especially in the preclinical phase.

  • Extensive expertise in ex vivo skin microdialysis and biomarker profiling
  • Skin inflammation in basic research
  • Drug uptake – pharmacokinetic studies
  • Pharmacodynamic studies of mast cell stabilizing/anti-allergic drugs
  • Drug induced mast cell and basophil activation
  • Toxicology
  • Biological activity of allergens

Please contact Professor Per Stahl Skov at to receive further information on development projects.

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