The New Standard for Economic Quantitative Allergy Diagnostics

RIDA-qLine RIDA qLine® Allergy is a new test system for quantitative analysis of specific IgE in human serum or plasma (citrate).

The main advantages of RIDA qLine® Allergy comprise the following qualities:

  • Quantitative: Real Standard curve on each membrane
  • Economic: Allergen panels with up to 20 allergens for effective screening
  • Customized: Customer-specific allergen compositions for flexible and individual diagnostics
  • Easy: Standardized and comfortable performance and sophisticated software evaluation with individually designable report
  • Reliable: Standard curve calibrated against the international reference preparation “1st WHO IRP 67/86 for human IgE”

View video instructions: How to use RIDA qLine® Allergy?

For more information, please contact RefLab or R-Biopharm.

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