How to send samples for HR-test

sample-submission-hrPrint out the HR-Test requisition form and fill in the requested information.


Send it together with the blood sample and eventually patient material to:

P.O. Box 590
Ole Maaløes Vej 3
2200 Copenhagen N

Sample preperation

Sample has to be heparine whole blood (Green heparine tube without gel).

  • For plate analysing 5ml heparine whole blood is needed.
  • For single allergens/patient material 0,5ml heparine whole blood is needed per allergen/material.

The blood sample is stored at ambient room temperature. Must not be refrigerated. The sample is sent the same day for analysis (durability 24-36 hours from blood drawing).

Sample shipment

Blood samples are sent in from Monday to Thursday, Friday only if the blood sample is received at REFLab before 12pm.

The sample and requisition form has to be sent in an envelope or transport container for biological samples.

The test result will be returned to the clinic within 1-2 weeks after receipt of sample to laboratory.

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